Consumer Payments

Make the Most of Electronic Payments!

Direct Deposit (via ACH)
For payroll, this is the automatic deposit of all or part of your net pay into the financial institution of your choice. On payday, your employer provides payroll related details but you no longer need to take extra time from work to cash your paycheck.

Benefits of Direct Deposit
Frequently Asked Questions

No Long Teller Lines w Direct Deposit

Direct Payment (via ACH)
No Checks. No Postage. No Late Payments. More companies than ever offer this safe and reliable way for billers to collect and consumers to pay. Instead of writing checks, mailing payments, or paying bills in person, your payments can be withdrawn automatically from a checking or savings account. 

        Benefits of Direct Payment
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No More Checks w Direct Payment

Other Consumer Payment Options:

Internet Payments
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payments
Mobile Payments
Credit Cards
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