ACH Payments

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment system is a next day settlement solution used to move funds by companies, consumers and financial institutions in the United States. It is a batch and forward system, rather than the single transaction solution (like wire transfer). An ACH entry can be a debit or a credit, post to a checking, savings, loan or general ledger account and can be used for a single entry or recurring payment arrangements. The ACH offers a wide range of applications including Direct Deposit, Direct Payment, check conversion, web payments, and corporate trade payments just to name a few. It also offers the ability to send and receive international transactions.

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Legal Framework, Contacts & Resources

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is governed by NACHA, whose primary role is to act as the regulatory body for the ACH Network and develop and maintain the ACH Operating Rules. The Clearing House Payments Authority, as a direct member of NACHA, participates in the governance process.

Regulatory Links:

   The NACHA Operating Rules (
   Regulation E: Consumer Protections
   Regulation D: Reserve Requirements
   Uniform Commercial Code Article 4A
   The Green Book: Federal Government Payments

ACH Resources:

   Upcoming ACH Rule Changes
   ACH Statistics
   NACHA 1073 Solutions Center

   FRB Routing Directory (Search for ACH Participant / RTN)