Accreditation and Continuing Education

Accreditation shows you have certain skills and abilities and a level of commitment to your profession... that you've made an investment to prove yourself as a payments professional.

Curriculum developed by The Payments Authority is designed to offer continuing education credits for Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs), Certified Treasury Professionals (CTPs), National Check Professionals (NCPs) and more.

AAP logoThe AAP designation is designed to recognize payments professionals for their industry expertise. If you’re looking for assistance while preparing for the AAP exam, The Payments Authority offers the essential resources, study materials and educational prep sessions that you need!

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Checks still play a significant role in payments so it’s important to know the legal framework, operational and regulatory requirements and responsibilities for compliance. The NCP designation is designed to recognize and build check expertise. Having an NCP on staff promotes the credibility of your team by enhancing knowledge of check operations, regulations, products and trends. Are you up for the challenge?

Attendees must be familiar with the criteria related to their designation and are responsible for submitting requests for continuing education credits to the appropriate organization.