Due Diligence Reviews

ACH Origination

Sometimes a full audit of your ACH origination processes is not quite what’s needed; but a review of the processes, procedures and security controls for the origination process would be beneficial. We can help ensure your operations area is getting it right.

Payment Process

Contract with The Clearing House Payments Authority (TCHPA) to assess the current state of your existing electronic payments process and evaluate potential alternatives and best practices for improving controls and mitigating risk. This service includes a review of written policies and procedures, payment process flow, contract and agreements and contingency plans.

Remote Deposit Capture

Designed to provide a full review of your current RDC process. A review of the initial check image process, data security, compliance requirements and retention requirements will ensure your processing conforms to best practice.

Wire Transfer

This service will review all aspects of your responsibilities in sending and receiving domestic wire transfers. Wire transfer agreements, processes, security and OFAC controls will be reviewed to ensure your wire activity is the best it can be.